Runaway Tay

March 4, 2009

Taylor has been running, Taylor is still running, Taylor will be running.

For quite some time.

This past week I had the first big break in my young writing career.  I was approached and signed by a literary agent who is currently in the process of representing me and finding a national publishing house for an upcoming book I am going to be working on this summer.

The book is called “A Runner’s Guide to Europe”.  It will be an active travel guide in which I describe running culture and outline the best running routes in 36 of Europe’s favorite cities.  The goal of this book will be to encourage people to run, to encourage people to travel, to encourage people to get on the street and delve into the exploration of new places.  More than anything, I hope that this book can be a vehicle to spread international awareness, and international appreciation, among its readership.

You may be thinking, “Taylor, have you run in 36 cities in Europe?”  The answer is no.  I have compiled chapters on four of the cities I plan to write about, which means I only have 32 to go.

Which means that starting in June, at the conclusion of my Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, I will be traveling from Stockholm to Sofia, from Riga to Rome, researching and writing about the best runs these, and other cities, have to offer.

There are no words to describe how excited and terrified I am by the prospects of this upcoming odyssey, which is far crazier than any crazy adventure I’ve ever embarked on before.   But it also seems like so much in my life has prepared me for, and made the perfect person, to take on this next project of mine.

So stay tuned to this blog.  There’s no telling what kind of stories I will be recounting here over the next six months.

And as to all my Colorado people – I’ll see you in September, exactly one year from the time I left.


46 Responses to “Runaway Tay”

  1. Jared Goldfarb Says:

    Mazal tov, Taylor! What an amazing opportunity, and I’m sure you’ll make the most of it. My curiosity is piqued – will Israel make it into the book? I know that geographically and geologically, we’re in Asia & Africa respectively, but culturally speaking, we’re definitely European! 🙂 We might not have a developed running culture, but there’s certainly plenty to explore at a good clip. Good luck! – Jared

    • taychase Says:

      Toda, Jared, and thanks for the good wishes! Israel is actually going to have to wait a bit for “A Runner’s Guide to the Middle East”, but ever since I went back in January I’ve been composing chapters in my head, and when the time comes I will do your beautiful country right!

  2. vicky sanders Says:

    YOU GO GIRL!!!! Your book sounds quite similar to the one I’ve been trying to talk your dad into writing: “Eating Guide for Motorcyclists.”

  3. Alexnikov Says:

    Hey, wicked sweet! You’ll have to give me the rundown this weekend.

    • taychase Says:

      Oh yeah – we have to have a serious Moscow Writer’s Circle meeting tomorrow night (or at least, sometime on ice skates). Much to discuss!

  4. Deirdre Says:

    Wow, Taylor, you have hit the jackpot! Congratulations!!! You’ll do a great job!

    Everyone in the Writing Center will be very happy to hear this news!

    • taychase Says:

      Thanks Deirdre :o). It’s support and inspiration from people like you and everyone in the Writing Center that has helped to make this possible.

  5. Rachael G Says:

    Way to go Taylor! That’s so exciting! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  6. Cap'n Ty Says:


    • taychase Says:

      Remember all those crazy mornings in New Zealand? It was all “research” :o).

      Speaking of traveling, guess who I caught up with in Moscow? Fabian, French TA from Bucknell!

  7. john cumalat Says:

    words can’t describe how incredibly jealous i am

    • taychase Says:

      :o). I’ll take you for a run around the center of Moscow in rush hour traffic, and then you may be a bit less jealous (or at least, your lungs will!)

  8. Steve Says:

    the offer is still on the table…need help?

    ;-D congrats!

    • taychase Says:

      Dude, you’re first in line if I do :o). Biking buddy, running buddy – too bad we don’t like swimming, cause then we could do some tris!

  9. Lauren Says:

    I am so proud of you girl!! This is so exciting — I definitely want a signed copy (and constant updates)!

  10. Hermine MILLON Says:

    Bravo Taylor pour ton futur projet! Je vois que tu es toujours sur la route! c’est formidable! je suis impatiente de suivre tout ça même si je ne comprends pas tout en Anglais.
    bises Hermine

    • taychase Says:

      Hermine, d’abord, merci beaucoup! Tu sais, j’ai commence a courir dans les petits chemins de Charnecles, alors, c’est grace a toi que j’ai en fin realise cet reve!! Je t’embrasse!

  11. Jim Wiseman Says:

    Yo Miss Tay!!!!!

    How very cool! It makes me smile when I see you or Lindsey or any of your many friends going out and making things happen for yourselves and working on that global perspective, which is in such short supply.

    Maybe when you finish that book you can write another for all of us seniors, heh? Like “The best route from Montmarte to the Louvre with a walker!”

    Wishing you the best in your continuing travels!



    • taychase Says:

      Actually, on my dad’s suggestion, the next book on the list is “The Elliptical User’s Guide to Europe”. This is a guide for all those runners after they blow out their knees :o).
      Hope to see you in Colorado in the fall, we have to catch up!

  12. Vlad Says:


    What a journey! You are a great writer. I think you made a good pick in terms of both your interests and your strengths.

    My warmest wishes and please let me know at any point in our lives if I can be of any support and help.


    • taychase Says:

      Спасибо мой друг – that means a lot to me, and for sure, we should be in touch. People of like minds and ideals never know when they’re going to be able to collaborate on crazy projects!

  13. Dad Kidder Says:

    How cool – what a great way to see the world and get a deferred payment! Wicked jealous 🙂

    • taychase Says:

      Thanks Dad Kidder :o). You’re daughter taught me that you can do anything in this world if you keep your mind open, so somehow, when you think about it, this whole crazy plan is partly your fault!

  14. Loic Says:

    Je suis très heureux pour toi.
    C’est absolument magnifique ce qu’il t’arrive.
    Très bon courage pour tous ces kilomètres à venir.

  15. Sarah Says:

    Wow girl, impressive!!

  16. hannah Says:


    Congratulations on the book deal–that sounds like such a fantastic way to end your ambassadorial scholar year. It definitely beats spending 3 months filling out transfer applications in Detroit! ha ha.

    Thanks for the update.


  17. Sara Noel Says:

    AMAZING!!! So excited for you and read it (maybe it will get me to actually try this “running” thing you’re always going on about!)

    Let me know if you want connections/ tips from anyone- I know a surprising amount of runners in various cities.

    Can’t wait to see you in September!! and if you decide you need a chapter on running in Baku, Azerbaijan you’ll have a place to stay *I hope*

  18. Uncle Steve Says:

    Dear Tay, Mom and Dad just left yesterday morning. Spent the night – explored the new digs! Sounds like you’ll miss the Miami contingent coming in August – for three weeks! September will be a good time to “run” out here for a long weekend. Donna and I look forward to hearing about the adventures. Love you, Steve

  19. Darin Says:

    Taylor, this is fantastic news! Keep running.

    • taychase Says:

      Thanks Darin! Will do for sure, and when I get back to the States, I would love to swing on over to Utah to say hi to you guys. After a year abroad, I think my soul is going to need a good dose of the Southwest!

  20. Michelle Miller Says:

    Taylor.. you are amazing.
    My grandmother would be impressed 🙂

    • taychase Says:

      hey roomie!! Thanks so much for the kind words – I don’t know if “amazing” or “insane” is a better choice to go with, but thanks :o). All my love to you and the PA crowd!!

  21. finefinn Becky Finn, mother Says:

    Being proud of and happy for you is normal, YOU GO GIRL…

  22. Meghan Says:

    Congratulations Taylor – that’s amazing news!

  23. Susan Miller Says:

    What a great adventure your life is! Michelle said way back in your freshman year what a great writer you were and that certainly has proven to be true! Thanks for sharing your stories with the rest of us stuck behind desks! We can dream and experience the world thru you! Love, Susan (Michelle’s Mom).

    • taychase Says:

      Thanks so much, Susan! It’s lovely to hear from you, and I appreciate your support – it’s encouragement like that from those back home that keeps me going!

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